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Money provides a poor evaluation of human worth, but it is a more reliable tool than human egos.                                         ..



Living Simply, Living Well

A Peace of Mind Bottle ( DIY instructions)
  A Bell for Compassion - my little book (PDF)
Lessons from the Trail
Meditation Guidance (audio)

Total Relaxation Guidance
20 Language Study Tips   if you really want to learn another language...
Lessons in Goal Setting

Photos and Projects...
(recent years)

May 2012 - Rotary International, Bangkok, Mae Sot with LN-4 hands, and Nha Trang too
March 2011 - LN-4 Hands in Peru - Arequipa, Cusco, Lima
April 2010 - LN-4 Hands in Loja, Ecuador
April 2010 - LN-4 Hands in Guayaquil, Ecuador
April 2010 - Annie in the desert, with some friends

September 2009 - PCT Hiking plus Biking Monitor Pass and Sonora Pass
November 2009 - Mindful Tour of Vietnam (information)
November 2008 - Photos in Vietnam with friends
November 2007 - LN-4 Hand Project in Jordan
November 2007 - Photos in Vietnam with friends
May 2007 - LN-4 Hand Project in Colombia
March-April 2007 - LN-4 Hand Project in Vietnam
Spring 2007 - Events in Vietnam with Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindful Living
Integral Tai Chi demonstrations
Mindful Living - Start Breathing
Mindful Living  -  Coaching - Mindful Leadership for Youth
Mindful Living (6 sessions)  -  Mindful Living (2 sessions)


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