Last Updated: Tuesday March 01, 2005



Mindful Leadership for Youth - Five Sessions

Chau Yoder of High-Spirits



Date: (open)

Time: (as described)

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Chau Yoder will lead participants through discussion and practice of techniques and exercises as described.


Learn to take a leadership role in managing your overall health and wellness.





Description (Each session is 1.5 hrs)


General Mindful Leadership Exercises

Do you have pressure, tension, confusion or discomfort due to life's experiences? Chau Yoder of High Spirits will lead participants through a discussion and lesson of techniques and exercises. You will feel great and be better equipped to manage your stress, and learn how to communicate from your heart. Take a leadership role in managing your health, relationship and overall wellness.

Session will cover the following techniques:

 * Deep breathing; breathing with awareness
 * Tension and Release
 * Chi Gung (an ancient Chinese energy-flow exercise)
 * Meditation (sitting, walking, and standing)
 * Visualization
 * Self Massage


Follow-up Session: with Chi Gung Health Stick exercises

General overview - talk about 20 minutes then actual exercises; same as above but with Health stick exercises



Follow-up Session:
Applying the Philosophy / Conflict Resolution

Chau will lead participants through both mental and physical exercises meant to increase one's awareness and heighten one's state of mind. You will learn how to be in touch with the present moment and become better equipped to solve problems and manage stress.

Note: Conflict Resolution Exercises - Participants will need paper, pen, and a clipboard to write on.


Follow-up Session:

Mental and Physical Consumption


Living mindfully includes being aware of what "enters" your body both physically and mentally. In this session, you will practice eating consciously to identify appropriate reasons for eating and intensify enjoyment of food. You will also learn how to focus your attention to avoid exploitation of your emotions from external stimuli such as television, movies, negative talk, and advertising.


Follow-up Session:

Total Relaxation

Chau will lead you on a 45 minute guided meditation that will help you achieve "total relaxation." Take advantage of
this relaxation opportunity.




Mindful Leadership Workshop Principles


Be in the moment

Mind, body and spirit are one

Have a healthy and balanced life

Love and appreciate yourself and others

Commit to take care of yourself

Practice 21 days straight to build new habits